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FTY&W offers classes that are suitable for anyone interested in yoga – from brand new beginners to lifelong practitioners. 

Some classes are studio staples while others are spotlighted throughout the year.  Visit our Schedule to see what’s on offer this week.

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The Barkan Method is a style of Hatha yoga practiced in a heated room which brings vital balance and restores systems to optimal health. Consistent practitioners will experience improvements in health as well as increased strength, and reduction of stress, anxiety and depression.

Beach Yoga!

Join Astrid for an hour of FREE All-Level Vinyasa on the beach during the spring and summer months!

Where: West Meadow Beach – Trustees Road, Setauket, NY 11790

Spring: Thursdays  |  April 20 – May 25 at 1PM

Summer: Thursdays  |  June 1 – August 31 at 6:30AM

              Fall: Thursdays  |  September 7 – September 28 at 1PM


Beginner Yoga

Not just sun salutations!  If you have little or no yoga experience, this is the first class to experiencing a healthier, happier you. Beginner Yoga is a warm and welcoming class open to ALL levels, with modifications and challenges to suit every need. In addition to the postures, we will explore Somatics to reduce neuro-muscular pain and the symptoms of chronically tight muscles, to gently remind the body how to move freely.  End every class with a guided meditation that will change your life. Feel better.  LIVE better!

Candlelight Restorative Yoga

This class focuses on poses that promote relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation in the calming atmosphere of flickering candlelight.  Restorative poses help relieve the effects of chronic stress, including weakness and fatigue brought on by our daily fast-paced live.  Each restorative sequence is designed to move the spine in all directions using props to support the body for deep relaxation.  These poses teach us how to cultivate awareness by bringing our attention to the areas we hold tension and consciously releasing and letting it go.   This is an all levels class, appropriate for beginners, and those with a consistent or advanced practice.

Community Donation Classes

Meet new teachers!

Try out a new way to practice yoga!

Family Tree Yoga & Wellness hosts a Community Donation class on the first Friday of the month to give new teachers a chance to shine and seasoned teachers the opportunity to teach different styles of yoga. We suggest a $10 donation – but whatever you can afford is more than okay – AND a non-perishable food item to support the Smithtown Emergency Food Pantry. Community Donation classes are at 5:30 PM.

Upcoming Community Yoga class dates are:

2017: October 6  |  November 3  |  December 1

2018: January 5  |  February 2  |  April 6  |  May 4  |  July 6  |  August 3


Dharma Flow Yoga

Dharma Yoga is a graceful, yet challenging form of Yoga based on the teachings of the Guru Sri Dharma Mittra. This class is appropriate for brand new students and lifelong practitioners alike, as the practice meets the practitioner right where they are. Students are encouraged to experience the practice in a spiritual and meditative way, with the ultimate goal of Self-realization (gaining absolute knowledge of the True Self). The practice consists of Asana (the poses), Pranayama (breathing exercises), chanting, and Meditation to keep the body healthy, the mind clear and the heart kind.

Family Yoga

Family Yoga is child-centered and fun.  The benefits families receive are the same as in an adult class: less stress, greater awareness, strength and coordination.  Partner poses are emphasized, ensuring great bonding time.  The family as a system benefits, too: better communication and deeper understanding along with having fun connecting in spontaneous and unexpected ways.  This class is for parents and kids ages 7 to 13.

Flow into Beginner Vinyasa

This class is suitable for all levels but is designed for the beginner and those wanting to reconnect to the basics.  The practice includes physical postures, focusing on proper alignment, breathing techniques, meditation and deep relaxation.  Learn to cultivate an interaction of body, mind and energy.  By fully experiencing and objectively observing your physical, mental and emotional experiences, blockages are cleared, energy is freed and healing begins.

Flow and Restore

This class begins with a 45-minute Vinyasa flow, coordinating breath and movement to stretch, strengthen, and invigorate the entire body.  Students are guided through postures using the breath to support steadiness of mind while releasing tension and developing body awareness.  Alignment cues and modifications are provided, making this class accessible to all levels of practitioners.  Class ends with 15 minutes of restorative poses followed by a guided relaxation.

Flow to BLISS

Explore and expand your mind, body and spirit in my all-embracing yoga flow experience. This light-hearted Vinyasa class is suitable for ALL students! Modifications are offered for the experience practitioner and the new student alike. Wherever you are on your yoga journey, come as you are to this empowering flow designed to bring you to your most authentic self.

Healing Yoga 

This gentle yoga will leave you feeling great! With careful attention, and gentle movement and stretching, you will help to heal your aches and pains as you are guided to listen to your body’s messages and honor your inner wisdom. This yoga is perfect for all ages, fitness levels and body types.

Hot 60 

Hot yoga is a therapeutic sequence of Hatha yoga postures practiced in a heated room. It is considered a stationary sequence which means that you come back to a stationary stance between postures. It is ideal for beginner and advanced students as the focus is on building a solid foundation and understanding proper body alignment. The benefits are similar to those of Barkan and Bikram.

Hot Vinyasa Flow

Get energized with breath-connected postures! Hot Vinyasa Flow will not only challenge your body and mind, but will take your individual practice to new heights. We start with a strong warm-up, then we go with the flow! This class is open to ALL levels.

Hot Yoga with a Heart

The traditional 26 + 2 hot yoga postures with an emphasis on self-exploration.  Students are encouraged to explore modifications and connect with their body.  Building postures “from the ground up,”  students learn the principles of hot yoga in a safe, effective and fulfilling way.  Perfect for beginners or advanced practitioners.

Joyful Flow

Enjoy gentle yoga to open and strengthen your body, mind & soul.  Each class opens with a short centering meditation, followed by a sequence of movements and ends with a peaceful savasana. Unlock the hidden potential of your true nature and learn to release the grip of anxiety.

Kids Yoga

Using movement, breath and mindful practices, kids work on cultivating body awareness and emotional self-regulation. Yoga games, songs and group activities help kids build confidence as they explore their physical and emotional bodies. This fun and engaging class helps kids gain flexibility and strength in a supportive, non-competitive environment. This class is for kids ages 5 to 9 years old.

Kripalu Flow Yoga

Kripalu yoga emphasizes compassion, introspect and self-observation without judgment.  Students explore foundational postures, breath-work and meditative techniques as well as modifications for when you need more or less of a challenge.  This is a moderate intensity, all levels class that will guide you to listen to the wisdom of your body while focusing your mind on the posture, the sensations of it as well as the emotions and thoughts that arise. Alternating between the Kripalu sun and moon flow series,you will learn to cultivate non-judgmental awareness, letting life flow without resistance.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is called the Yoga of Awareness.

Kundalini Yoga harnesses the mental, physical, and nervous energies of the body and puts them under the domain of the will, which is the instrument of the soul. It precisely and consciously combines breath, mudra, eye-focus, mantra, body locks, and postures to balance the glandular system, strengthen the nervous system, expand lung capacity, and purifiy the blood. It brings balance to the body, mind, and spirit.

Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic, powerful tool that is designed to give the practitioner an experience of the soul.

Kundalini Yoga and Deep Meditation

Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness and it is one of the most powerful ways to help align you with your Soul.  In this particular class, Tina’s emphasis is meditation. The first half of class prepares the physical body and energy field to open up and expand. The second half is devoted to going deep in a healing, meditation process.  Her classes combine movement, breath, mudras and mantras to anchor the vibration of health and wholeness.  Awaken your heart to your true Divine Self.

Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is a way of focusing one’s attention in the present moment, increasing our ability to be aware of what is happening both inside us and around us. It is the continuous awareness of our bodies, emotions and thoughts.  In today’s busy world, mindfulness is becoming recognized as an essential tool to diminish stress while improving our personal sense of well-being, confidence and joy.

Mommy & Me Yoga

Partner with your child in simple animated poses, games, art, music and breathing exercises that help to strengthen coordination and build body awareness. Take a yoga journey with your child that you’ll never forget! This fun class provides key bonding methods between parent and child, while strengthening their growing muscles. Caregivers welcome.  This class is for infants and children up to age 3.

Moving Alignment

Your human form is imperfectly aligned from a lifetime of injuries, surgeries and habitual patterns. Something so simple as the way you sleep can affect body mechanics over time. This class teaches pose fundamentals and personal alignment strategies using hands-on assists, props and verbal cues to guide each student to the pose that fits their body’s openness and alignment. Poses are taught from every angle, using the floor and walls to change perception, establish stable foundations, and increase expansiveness. 

Discover how props can redefine your poses so you feel confident using them for studio and home practice. Dissect poses to dive deeper and reveal your correct alignment. Develop strength, stamina, length and flexibility to pursue more advanced poses. Every class is different – bring your questions and curiosity – and be prepared to sweat. This class is recommended for yogis of every shape and ability.

Radiant Mamas Prenatal Yoga

This hour long class will help you connect to yourself and your baby. The class offers poses to strengthen & stretch the body in order create a feeling of well-being in your blossoming body. Mindful meditation and breathing exercises will help to prepare for birth and beyond on your journey into motherhood.

Rest and Restore

Sometimes stress takes over our lives, leaving us feeling restless and irritated. It’s hard to find your way out of the mind chatter and electronic noise, to regain inner peace. In this ALL level class, we use the power of our bodies and breath, coupled with positive affirmations to rest the mind and restore the body.  Leave your worries at the door. Let yoga flow through you as you learn to rest and restore!

Positive Mind & Body Yoga

Description coming soon!!!

Rise & Shine Yoga

Start your mornings with this war, gentle vinyasa class suitable for ALL level yoga practitioners. The practice includes meditations, pranayama, and asana intended to wake up the body, mind and spirit for a graceful transition into your day. This is a class dedicated to empowering your goals using affirmations, mantras and mudras for every day stresses. Prepare to manifest YOUR best day!

Slow Vinyasa Flow

This class combines the flowing movements of Vinyasa, slowed down to increase breath awareness, alignment and range of motion. Students are instructed to use props to expand their personal sense of the poses, and learn different ways to enter and string poses together, to flow with ease and greater expansiveness. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned yogi, Slow Vinyasa Flow is designed with EVERY practitioner in mind, with modifications for every level and ability.

Vinyasa Yoga

Often called “flow” yoga, the focus of Vinyasa yoga is on alignment of movement in which the breath, mind and body are consciously connected. Yoga sequences are practiced step by step, each breath and movement leading into the next. Moving from one posture to the next, poses gradually become more elaborate as they challenge your mind to focus on maintaining a comfortable breathing pattern.

Warm and Gentle

Let’s take a warm ride to a tropical paradise. As we stretch, restore, rest and learn to fall in love again … with ourselves and our lives!

Warm Vinyasa 

Vinyasa yoga in which movement is synchronized to the breath is sometimes called flow yoga because of the smooth way the poses run together. Each pose is held for a few moments making Vinyasa a great cardio workout. The challenge of pace and pose, with rapid results in weight-loss and toning, continue to make Warm Vinyasa a studio favorite.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga focuses on the connective tissues of the body through postures that are held in stillness and mindful awareness for several minutes at a time.  A perfect complement to more yang styles of exercise (such as flow yoga, running, skiing or biking), Yin Yoga addresses tightness and toxin buildup in the joints and connective tissue through poses that are equally challenging for the mind and body.  The result is not only more lubricated and flexible joints, but also a greater sense of balance, peace, and calm.  Props make the practice accessible to people of all abilities.  This is an all levels class, appropriate for beginners and those new to yoga.

Yoga with Compassion

Change starts with you. In this class, students will practice yoga postures, hand mudras, and meditation. A well-rounded sequence of mindfulness for all levels of experience. Take this practice of compassion and bring it into your own life. The practice of yoga doesn’t have to be contained, share it with the world!

Yoga with YOU in Mind

Family Tree Yoga & Wellness strives to serve ALL facets of our community!

Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and other youth organizations will learn about respect, fitness, positive body image, cooperation and stress management through yoga. Classes are offered for every AGE and ABILITY level and include music, movement, relaxation and group activities. Classes can be designed to compliment any theme or as an introduction to yoga.

To book a yoga class, series or workshop for your group, please call the studio at 631-656-0718 or email us at info@familytree-yoga.com.