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Embody Love Movement

FTY&W is honored to partner with the Embody Love Movement to bring these empowering programs to girls and women.

We live in a world that informs us, as women and girls, that we’re not quite good enough just as we are,
in subtle and less than subtle ways. We wax, tweeze, lift and tone. We paint, polish and peel.
We shave, shrink, implant and inject. We scrub, straighten and curl.

Are we really choosing these things for ourselves?  How does our social climate impact on our ability to feel worthy?

Explore internalized beliefs about beauty, self-worth and what it means to be a woman and look at how negative beliefs have a detrimental impact on your ability to view yourself as purposeful and worthy and to live to your full potential.

The Embody LOVE Movement for you if:

You are a mother raising girls and want to be the best role model possible
You are a mother raising boys, wanting to give them the best education about women
You have ever felt judged or judged yourself due to your appearance or felt pressure to fit certain ideals
You have ever struggled with disordered eating, dieting or over exercising
You are an exercise professional who feels pressure to look a certain way
You are struggling with the process of aging in a society that values youth.

Become a Facilitator

We want our message and our LOVE to spread. And we know that LOVE grows stronger when it grows in numbers. If you feel called to our mission and vision, we encourage you to become a leader in this revolution by participating in one of our Facilitator Trainings. During this 15-hour weekend training, one of our Certified Facilitator-Trainers (CF-Ts) will provide guidance and instruction on how to facilitate our inspirational programs and walk you through the process of delivering these workshops in your own space.  Our CF-Ts are dynamic and compassionate facilitators who will provide feedback to each trainee and leave you feeling inspired to create change in your community. This weekend training course is for any self-empowered woman who feels inspired to offer our curriculum to schools, camps, community centers, yoga studios, and other non-profit organizations.

What is a Facilitator?

Facilitators are women who lovingly share Embody Love Movement’s revolutionary programs in studios, private practices, schools, camps, community centers and other non-profit organizations. The workshops that they facilitate focus on emotional expression, exposing media myths, changing the conversation from criticism to kindness, and recognizing self-worth and purpose.

How Facilitators Make a Difference:

This training provides participants with the curriculum and skills necessary to facilitate our transformative workshops and to inspire girls and women who participate in our programs to:

 Value who they are internally over their external appearance
 Be empowered to change the conversation from criticism to kindness
 Stop comparing themselves to a false idea of beauty and to others
 Find inspiration to embrace their purpose in the world

Embody Love Camp for girls ages 9-12

Monday, July 17 – Thursday, July 20  |  12noon – 3pm

This summer, be a part of a revolution that is creating a world where everyone loves and
accepts themselves and others for who they are on the inside, instead of what they look like on the outside.

At the Embody Love Camp, girls ages 9-12 are given the opportunity to move, breathe, be creative and find joy
in the bodies they’re in today. Moving away from media influences and cultural pressures, participants will discover a
safe space to be the beautiful beings they already are through yoga, meditation, relaxation, journaling, art and interactive activities.

Embody Love Camp gives girls a chance to explore the beauty in learning to compassionately take care of themselves,
how to be kind and support others and see how their strengths, talents and passions can make a great change in this world.